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Discover the excellence of precision mechanics: we are the reliable partner for mechanical transmissions and precision turning. We are the ideal choice for high-quality and reliable solutions in the industry.

At Cerma we have been operating for over 55 years in the most varied mechanical sectors and we solve problems in precision CNC automatic turning for medium and large batches.
Quality, Logistics and Customer Service are our cornerstones.

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The use of the most up-to-date technology has allowed us to constantly improve the quality and professionalism that have distinguished us for over 50 years. Our staff of 60 employees is always ready to study solutions suited to the needs of our customers to offer them only the best.


News from Cerma

New 9-Axis CNC Lathe Machine!

Cerma is proud to present its new 9-axis CNC lathe with motorized upper turret equipped with Y1 axis, motorized lower turret equipped with Y2 axis, opposed spindles, and CNC DN Solutions-Fanuc i-Plus iHMI . Second generation of turning centers with premium class Y axis, represents the best of technology and the proverbial quality, precision, reliability, […]