Our offer is able to supply large productions of both standard products and tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our Customers. Custom projects require a high degree of specialization in design and implementation and are better managed in the form of projects developed in collaboration with the Customer.
By doing this we are able to supply the best products and technologies for the main mechanical markets.
gestione dei progetti e grandi produzioni

Our mission
is to:

• Set commitments and efforts needed to monitor the requested quality.
• Plan and implement a Quality Management System compliant to UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2015 in order to guarantee a continuous improvement.
• Identify, qualify, and involve the suppliers to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration and trust in order to systematically meet the quality requirements of the products and the service purchased, as well as the terms and delivery methods.
• Provide economic resources to support improvement (compatibly with expected benefits).

Our customers
ask for:

• Mainly customised precision metal working
• Parts designed and produced by us
• A presale ready and efficient collaboration service
• An after sale quick response.


Monitoring and evaluating customer satisfaction has always been one of our main commitments. Given that the quality perceived by the Customer for our work and products / services is not static, we carry out continuous reviews of what has been applied and of the Quality Policy in order to verify the suitability and adequacy.
We also measure the effectiveness and define improvement actions.